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How to Fix Custom Post Type 404 Error

Simply add after registering the post type in the function file, add the below line of code; this will magically fix this WordPress problem. flush_rewrite_rules(); Example : register_post_type( ‘freebies’, $args ); flush_rewrite_rules();   Note : Make sure your page template for this custom type is not the same as that defined in the register post […]

one page website templates free

Free One Page Html Website Templates

We’ve collected a group of html one page website templates that are clean, modern, pixel-perfect and are free to download. You can check the demo and license of each template before using it.   Demo – Halcyon Days Free One Page Website Template   Demo – Walk & Ride Free One Page Website Template   Demo – Boxify Free One Page Website […]

html admin panels

Best Html Admin Panel Templates

A collection of the best admin panel templates available on the web. These are html templates that uses css, bootstrap and angular js. Angulr – Bootstrap Admin Panel Template   Pages Admin Panel Template   Modern Admin Panel Html Template

html invoice template

In-place Editable Html Invoice

A fast way to create, edit and print html invoices on the fly. You can edit the prices, add rows and all calculations will be made automatically instantly. Check more at

free stock photos

Top Free Photo Websites

Designers spend a lot of time searching for quality stock photos and pay a lot of money buying photos. In this post we’ll be listing some of the worlds best free stock photo websites that offer images that are both free and professional. Generally photos at these websites are listed under “zero license” which means […]

color palettes

Color Palettes for Design Inspiration

A collection of rgb color palettes for designers to get inspired. The Colours where mostly derived from nature.    

Script Fonts Download

Top Script Display Fonts for Designers

In this post, i will be listing a bunch of what i think are the best script and display fonts available on the web. Some of them are free while the others are payed fonts; you can check the license of each font before using it.

facebook popup box

Facebook Pop-up Window-Box

A professional tested script to make your popup Facebook like box and add it to your website.

css relative positioning

Relative Position without Empty Space — CSS

To position a div relatively or any html element without leaving the unwanted empty space use the following code.

3d curtain effect

3D Curtain Effect by CodyHouse

Nice responsive curtain effect for navigating via posts, free download.

Responsive Touch Slider

Responsive Touch Slider – Flickity

Flickity is a new awesome touch slider for your web and application development. It uses java-script to create sliders for your projects.

responsive video

Responsive Video & Map Embeding

To embed your youtube videos, vimeo, dailymotion as well as google maps, you can simply use the nice website that will do this for you instantly :

override inline css

How to Override Inline CSS

Overriding inline css styles is very simple by adding “!important” command next to the css code.

jquery scrollbar

Facebook Like Jquery Hidden Scrollbar

A Facebook Like Jquery Hidden Scroll-bar that only appears when rolling over the scroll area. Easy to use check it at :

transparency using css

Opacity & Transparency Using CSS

Adding opacity / transparency using css is very easy and will work on all browsers using this simple script. div { opacity: 0.5; filter: alpha(opacity=50); }

css centering

Popup div centered in middle of Screen (CSS)

A simple & direct script to center a popup window div in the middle center of your screen with css.

CSS Responsive Image

Responsive Image with CSS — Tutorial & Script

Simple strait forward easy way to make your web images responsive using CSS. A small but functional script is capable to do all the work for you.

Wordpress Related Posts Tutorial

WordPress Related Posts — Tutorial & Script

This tutorial article will teach you how to display related posts on your WordPress website without a plugin. This feature gives the visitor a variety of post articles related the post he is reading. Related posts will eventually navigate smoothly between topics he probably like and are related according to the tags assigned to them. […]